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19 November 2012

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The Pour
10 August 2012

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Not Shy at All
23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Iowa State Capitol
25 September 2010

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

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Glowing Rocks
20 May 2009

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on The Game
Deep concentration here.

Martine on The Game
Jolie scène de rue.

Ruthiebear on The Game
A delightful local image. They look so intent

The#1AcePhotog on The Game
Nice study

Steven on The Game
Great capture that puts us right in the middle of the game!! You can see how studious that man is.

mo.langel on The Game
Excellent and interesting scene!

Francisco Romero on Urban Park
Cozy, little plaza. And the gathering of the locals give warmth to the scene.

Francisco Romero on The Game
Very interesting and fine image to illustrate it. It seems that chess was originated over there too.

Jypyä Pop on The Game
This game requires intelligence.

Mhelene on The Game
Superb photo !! I like green tea !

Diana on The Game
A study of traditions

Diana on Urban Park
A nice gathering place

Diana on Rail Yard
Industrial look

Kyu on The Game
Wonderful shot in the city. It looks something nostalgic.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on The Game
Old tradition !

gerard1948 on The Game
A very good framing and excellent capture. A beautiful picture. Have a good day.

Hiro on The Game
very nice street capture

Devi on The Game
The green tea attracts me more than the board.. Excellent capture of the mood...concentration :)

Anna Cherer on The Game
A beautiful street scene of life ! portrait, attitude and details ! You tempt me to taste this drink of green tea !

jean pierre a on The Game
belle concentration!! merci pour la découverte! amitiés

Lougris on The Game
Un jeu qui semble demander beaucoup de concentration en effet !!

Focales on The Game
I do not know this game that I discover thanks to you Steve

Patrick M. on The Game
Perfect concentration for this game

L'Angevine on Urban Park
agréable lieu

Daryl Johnson on Urban Park
What a great little insight...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Urban Park
Place to share (between them)

Sam on Urban Park
Wonderful view. A fine shot. :)

Ruthiebear on Urban Park
This is a delightful street scene

Steven on Urban Park
Excellent leading lines captured in this shot!! And the floral blossoms really stand out nicely in the trees.

Kiki on Urban Park
A peaceful place where even the pigeons seem to play!

Don on Urban Park
A fine street scene of the game in progress and the collection of birds. It has a peaceful element I like.

mo.langel on Urban Park
Superb street scene!

Kyu on Urban Park
Wonderful shot of the city park. Excellent composition.

jean pierre a on Urban Park
belle scène de vie!! amitiés

Devi on Urban Park
Lovely ambiance :)

Mhelene on Urban Park
Quiet daily life !! Superb !

Tomek on Urban Park
Superb atmosphere of this place.:-)

L'Angevine on Rail Yard
bien ces escaliers

Patrick M. on Urban Park
Beautiful design of the typical japanese roof

k@ on Out the Window
Aww, I love this freshness !

Focales on Urban Park
Attractive scene of life

Jypyä Pop on Urban Park
Fine peaceful view.

Nicou on Rail Yard
Fantastique graphisme d'armature et de fils et ces wagon superbe. Amitié

gerard1948 on Rail Yard
Very beautiful composition, if the station is small, the others must be immense. Very nice photo despite the gray sky. ...

B. Thomas on Rail Yard
Very interesting shot.

Ruthiebear on Rail Yard
I like the angles and lines

Sam on Rail Yard
Beautiful view of this rail yard. Great angle. :)

Shaahin Bahremand on Rail Yard
good shot

Don on Rail Yard
A fine industrial-type picture of the rail yard. I like it.

Kyu on Rail Yard
I like the superb composition. Wonderful shot of a yard.

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