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19 November 2012

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The Pour
10 August 2012

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Not Shy at All
23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Iowa State Capitol
25 September 2010

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

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Glowing Rocks
20 May 2009

Recent Comments

Francisco Romero on North of the Station
It must have been a contrasting experience with your memories. Sometimes photography has a historical and sentimental ...

Daryl Johnson on North of the Station
Yes, plenty of development everywhere Steve, in Okayama too... however, I also noticed more vacant shops and offices ...

Daryl Johnson on Charge!
A good effort neko-san... great that none of them were distracted by your presence Steve!

Patrick M. on North of the Station
An important urban development

Steven on North of the Station
Glad to see that they are experiencing a bit of a building "boom" here!! It sounds like this will be the ...

Sam on North of the Station
Beautiful view of the buildings and nicely composed. Lovely. :)

Ruthiebear on North of the Station
QUite a contrast of land and skylline

Shiva on Hiroshima Carp
I love daily life scenes from foreign countries --- excellent capture and presentation, Steve .... MN

Don - Slackwater on North of the Station
A fine picture of the growing community of commercial buildings. I don't know how they managed to have a large ...

gerard1948 on North of the Station
Concrete everywhere, every corner of earth in cities is built. Life becomes gray for people. Excellent capture. Have a ...

gerard1948 on Hiroshima Carp
Very beautiful composition and scene from the life. A sport that we did not see much in Europe. Have a nice day.

Kyu on North of the Station
Wonderful city scape. Excellent composition.

Stephen on North of the Station
Great point of view to show progress and the shape of things to come.

omid on North of the Station
very nice shot with beautiful angle, frame, colors & lights! ... ... Hope good days for your hometown! :)

Paco Díaz on Sunburst Over the North Window

Mhelene on North of the Station
Cities grow and in Hiroshima it is the life which took back . Superb composition .

Denny Jump Photo on North of the Station
Great story and amazing information. The image really displays the burgeoning growth. I have a lot of catching up to do ...

Lougris on North of the Station
Un terrain vague qui ne va pas le rester longtemps !! de l'argent qui dort ! :)

Gemma Wiseman on North of the Station
There is such a stark seriousness in this view. Like the cold drama of silence. Maybe it's the leafless season in ...

Tomek on North of the Station
Nicely framed.:-)

Nicou on North of the Station
Sueprbe vue de ces édiffices moderne très belle compo amiité

Phil David Morris on North of the Station
Beautifully composed and perfectly exposed !

L'Angevine on Hiroshima Carp
marrante les casquettes

martine Libouton on North of the Station
Une belle composition de cette ville qui a tellement souffert.....

Focales on North of the Station
If there was no sign written in Japanese, this image could have been taken in France because this sort of building is ...

jpla on North of the Station
Et ça va encore changer JP

Devi on North of the Station
Looks impressive...but more and more vacant spaces are vanishing which is a bit alarming....

Jypyä Pop on North of the Station
The world is constantly changing. New built, sometimes maybe a little pointless too. I guess it belongs to this time.

Daryl Johnson on Bandaiji Temple Kannondo
Very nicely balanced image.

Daryl Johnson on The A-bomb Dome
Interesting... I wonder what sort of emotions those working on it have...

Rolero-T on Hiroshima Carp
Wonderful shot

Ruthiebear on Hiroshima Carp
A familiar bit of clothing world wide.

Don - Slackwater on Hiroshima Carp
This scene makes an interesting picture. There is very strong interest in each city's team so these models will ...

Ruthiebear on My Ride Pulls Up
So sleek looking!

AMIR BABA on Hiroshima Carp
very good

martine Libouton on Hiroshima Carp
Un beau cadrage!!!!

Sam on Sakura at Night
So beautiful. Gorgeous colours and light. Looks great with the paper lanterns. :)

Sam on My Ride Pulls Up
Very powerful. And beautiful design. :)

Sam on Hiroshima Carp
Wonderful atmosphere. Beautiful composition. :)

Hiro on Hiroshima Carp
If you are interested in Hiroshima Carp, please learn Mae-Ken exercise. Mae-Ken is nickname of 前田健太 Maeda ...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Hiroshima Carp
Globalisation !!

Etsu on Hiroshima Carp
Yes, "Carp girls" are popular now. Wonderful cityscape.

Nicou on Hiroshima Carp
Géniale compo ce manequin avec la casquette sueprbe. amitié

Kyu on Hiroshima Carp
Wonderful shot. Carp, the team is doing well and is good at doing business as well. Have a nice Sunday.

L'Angevine on My Ride Pulls Up
oh génial

jpla on Hiroshima Carp
belle scène JP

Japanalia on Hiroshima Carp sorry! When it comes to baseball...I have no comments!

Japanalia on Bandaiji Temple Kannondo
A beautiful shot! Location, angle and composition are all SUPER! Love it!!!

Japanalia on Pagoda and Sea
The rough face of the rock against the quiet elegance of the small pagoda makes this shot a great composition! While ...

Mhelene on Hiroshima Carp
Superb composition !

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