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19 November 2012

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The Pour
10 August 2012

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Not Shy at All
23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Iowa State Capitol
25 September 2010

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

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Glowing Rocks
20 May 2009

Recent Comments

PATRICK on Kachina Natural Bridge
superbe compo

Hiro on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
Nature is stunning

Hiro on Sipapu Natural Bridge
interesting view

DarkElf on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
excellent closer look at the bridge formations! superb level of detail!

Tataze on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
un regard sur le désert

franz on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
and you were rewarded with a very fine view again! i like the smooth walls in zhe lower right part of the photo.

Dimitrios on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
amazing textures***

L'Angevine on Sipapu Natural Bridge
bien l'arche

omid on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
very nice shot! such beautiful composition, shapes, colors, lighting & textures! Amazing view!

Devi on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
Amazing scenery here !!!!

Japanalia on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
The other side looks a bit more "artistic", but here,too, the "egg" in the rocks is full of ...

Japanalia on Sipapu Natural Bridge
This closeup is even more beautiful as it brings forth textures, shapes and - all in all - the unbelievable work of ...

jean pierre on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
extra cette "fenêtre" sur la nature!! amitiés

PATRICK on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
splendide compo

Focales on Sipapu Natural Bridge, The Other Side
A pleasant photo Steve.

omid on Sipapu Natural Bridge
very nice shot! such beautiful composition, colors, lighting & shadows! Amazing textures!

franz on Sipapu Natural Bridge
striking testimony to the power of running water !

Diana on Sipapu Natural Bridge
So nice

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Sipapu Natural Bridge
Awesome !

jpla on Sipapu Natural Bridge
Merveilleuse prise JP

Patrick M. on Sipapu Natural Bridge
Impressive geological structure

L'Angevine on White Canyon

Devi on White Canyon
wonderful composition !!!! And thank you for the beautiful narration :) Have a nice weekend:)

Devi on Sipapu Natural Bridge
nature...the brilliant architect!!

Focales on Sipapu Natural Bridge
I like very much these natural arcs which open a window on the nature. It is a very beautiful photo Steve

PATRICK on Sipapu Natural Bridge
grandiose endroit

Nicou on White Canyon
Avec le plateau au dessus sueprbe vue et décor amitié

Nicou on Sipapu Natural Bridge
Quelle roche et forme quel rendu sueprbe compo e tiamge. amitié

DarkElf on White Canyon
love the detail and depth in your photo and this is superb too! i can see every part of the scene very clearly, ...

Steven on White Canyon
Stunning composition with a gorgeous view!! I love the look of the layers as we look down into the canyon. Such an ...

jean pierre on White Canyon
paysage magnifique!! amitiés

Ruthiebear on White Canyon
Beautiful lines in the landscape

Baldwin Vandewalle on White Canyon
Stunnig landscape ... these rock formations are absolutely spectacular !!!

Diana on White Canyon
Great place

franz on White Canyon
another stunning example of nature the master builder ! thanks for telling me where to look ... i might have missed ...

omid on White Canyon
very nice shot with beautiful composition, colors, lighting & textures! Amazing !!!!!

Hiro on White Canyon
Awesome view !!

Martine Libouton on White Canyon

L'Angevine on Giants in the Doll House

Japanalia on Giants in the Doll House
The scale is revealed, but...I wouldn't be that curious, like the people in your image, with such a roof above!

Japanalia on White Canyon
What a splendid capture! It's not only the Natural Bridge, it's the whole setting and gradation of colours ...

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on White Canyon
Great landscape !!. And great image !

PATRICK on White Canyon
splendide compo

Baldwin Vandewalle on Giants in the Doll House
This was missing here ... a scale reference, it changes the perception of the scene :-))) Fabulous shot !!!

Steven on Giants in the Doll House
Wow!! I didn't expect to see this!! I thought it was so large previously. But the people give this quite a small ...

franz on Giants in the Doll House
those onion-skin-like layers of rock are amazing and almost surreal ! great series from all i've seen ! (i ...

francesco on Giants in the Doll House
un lieu merveilleux...

Diana on Giants in the Doll House
Cramped space

jean pierre on Giants in the Doll House
superbe endroit!! amitiés

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Giants in the Doll House
Unimaginable to think about how our ancestors lived

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