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19 November 2012

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The Pour
10 August 2012

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Not Shy at All
23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Iowa State Capitol
25 September 2010

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

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Glowing Rocks
20 May 2009

Recent Comments

ruthiebear on Sapho
Gorgeous color and pattern.

L'Angevine on Anna Rose Whitney 2

Don on Sapho
A gorgeous bloom with wonderful design and color.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Sapho
Wow !! She is magnificent. Maybe this is a good year for them. Is a very nice shot too.

Kyu on Sapho
Wonderful close-up capture of beautiful flowers.

Shiva on Sapho
Oh, soo unique, Steve --- and I must say, I like the white ones too. Ours, of course, can not compete with a ...

martine Libouton on Sapho
Magnifiques fleurs

Hiro on Sapho
I like the white ones, too.

Mhelene on Sapho
Very beautiful ! Superb shape and great composiiton .

Sam on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Gorgeous colours. Beautiful image of this tall and attractive plant. Lovely. :)

Gemma Wiseman on Mrs. Furnival
Love the colour contrasts in this one.

Gemma Wiseman on Mrs. Furnival 2
Love how these gorgeous flowers have almost become a hedge by the tree.

Gemma Wiseman on Anna Rose Whitney
Such a rich and beautiful colour.

Gemma Wiseman on Anna Rose Whitney 2
O so very pretty.

Gemma Wiseman on Sapho
Stunning colours and design in these flowers. Gorgeous macro.

MEC on Sapho
Beautiful flowers!

jean pierre a on Sapho
jolie fleur aux belles couleurs!! amitiés

Focales on Sapho
Really original colors

Ronnie 2¢ on Sapho
Attractively unusual . . I like it mucho.

Jypyä Pop on Sapho
Only Mother Nature knows how to make something so beautiful. Ok, maybe the gardeners had a little help.

Devi on Sapho
Looks beautiful with that unique colour splash in the petal!!

Michael Skorulski on Sapho
These are really lovely and different.

Mirjam on Sapho
It is beautiful

jpla on Sapho
Peu commune : belle prise JP

Martine on Sapho
Magnifiques et originales couleurs.

Diana on Anna Rose Whitney 2

Don on Anna Rose Whitney 2
What a massive group of flowers on single bush. Excellent post.

ruthiebear on Anna Rose Whitney 2

Mhelene on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Very beautiful composition and presentation .

Nicou on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Quels fleurs quel rose et buisson fantastique amitié

Steven on Anna Rose Whitney 2
What a "wall" of color these rhodies must provide!! Glad to hear that Portia is still making the rounds. :-)

Kyu on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Wonderful capture of lovely and beautiful blossoms. The blossoms remind me of azalea.

Hiro on Anna Rose Whitney 2
4.6m ! Yeah, it's massive indeed !!

Shiva on Anna Rose Whitney 2
I just admire, Steve ---- ours opened up --- If I get a "suitable" pic, I will post our mini Rhod.!! Thanks ...

Jypyä Pop on Anna Rose Whitney 2
It is a joy for the eyes. Gorgeous red.

Stephen on Mrs. Furnival
Beautiful series and your color and light are magnificent. I am inspired to get out into the garden more - except that ...

Stephen on Taurus
Must be the perfect red hue.

Stephen on Anna Rose Whitney
These are prize-winning blooms! Love the vibrant color.

Stephen on Mrs. Furnival 2
Wow - a backyard wonderland! You seem to have created the perfect environment for them.

Stephen on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Like pink flower-flames - stunning capture!

Michael Skorulski on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Really glorious folliage.

Devi on Anna Rose Whitney 2
What gorgeous colours here..making a statement of rich vegetation....Wonderful image !!!!!

martine Libouton on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Un magnifique massif!!

Focales on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Excuse me, I want to say "lovely pink"

Focales on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Lovely rose

Martine on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Cet arbuste est énorme et joliment coloré.

jean pierre a on Anna Rose Whitney 2
belles couleurs!! amitiés

jpla on Anna Rose Whitney 2
De jolies teintes JP

Mirjam on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Wow, it's so massive and beautiful.

tataray on Anna Rose Whitney 2
Magnifique arbuste de belles couleurs et jolies fleurs. )

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