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19 November 2012

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The Pour
10 August 2012

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Not Shy at All
23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Iowa State Capitol
25 September 2010

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

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Glowing Rocks
20 May 2009

Recent Comments

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Stone and Flowers
Good DoF

jean pierre on Stone and Flowers
jolie composition!! amitiés

PATRICK on Stone and Flowers
superbe compo

Focales on Stone and Flowers
The depiction of lichens on this rock is very beautiful and the composition pleases me a lot

Devi on Stone and Flowers
Lovely contrast !!! Very beautiful image:)))

omid on Subalpine Fleabane
wooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, focus, colors, lighting & bokeh! L O V E L Y !

beach on Subalpine Fleabane

Shaahin Bahremand on Subalpine Fleabane
beauty shot

Steven on Subalpine Fleabane
What beautiful standouts in this landscape!! The vignetting adds a nice finishing touch.

Patrick M. on Subalpine Fleabane
Very beautiful flowers of mountain

Bruce on Subalpine Fleabane
You can't beat mountain flowers. Lovely.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Subalpine Fleabane
Perfect focus control.

L'Angevine on Sculpture

Dimitrios on Subalpine Fleabane

gerard1948 on Subalpine Fleabane
Very nice composition and beautiful light, the colors are gorgeous. Excellent shooting, I like a lot. Have a good week.

jean pierre on Subalpine Fleabane
belle compo! amitiés

Focales on Subalpine Fleabane
The light is perfect on this beautiful flowers

Lai Chan See on Subalpine Fleabane
Wonder of Nature.

Devi on Subalpine Fleabane
What a beautiful feeling this gives !!!Love this:)))

PATRICK on Subalpine Fleabane
excellent 5***

DarkElf on Sculpture
beautiful meadow! i like the low level perspective and the flowers look magnificent!

Diana on Sculpture
Sooooooo sweet

PATRICK on Sculpture
superbe compo

jean pierre on Sculpture
belle prise! amitiés

Nicole on Sculpture
nature is an artist

Mahdi Monavari on False Hellebore
Very nice shot!

L'Angevine on False Hellebore

omid on Sculpture
wooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lihting! Lovely !!!!!!!!!!!

Focales on Sculpture
Really a beautiful nature scene Steve.

Devi on Sculpture
wonderful feel of joy here with that Nature's own piece of sculpture coming up !

Hiro on Berkeley Camp Ahead
very nice view

Diana on False Hellebore
Subtle color and light = fantastic!

omid on False Hellebore
woooooooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lighting! Lovely bokeh!

jean pierre on False Hellebore
cadrage et lumière extra!! amitiés

Gemma Wiseman on False Hellebore
Beautiful, dancing play of light framing this delicate sprig.

L'Angevine on Berkeley Camp Ahead

gerard1948 on False Hellebore
Excellent shooting and very good depth of fieldthe light is beautiful and the Magnificent bokeh. Grear shot. Have a ...

PATRICK on False Hellebore
superbe compo

Daryl Johnson on Berkeley Camp Ahead
A wonderful perspective; beautiful.

Daryl Johnson on Frozen Lake
Unexpected and quite striking!

jpla on False Hellebore
Un joli bokeh JP

Devi on False Hellebore
Lovely image with those globuled bokeh behind!!!

Steven on Berkeley Camp Ahead
Stunning view of this valley with great DoF!!

Diana on Berkeley Camp Ahead
Fantastic depth to view

Bruce on Berkeley Camp Ahead
Beautiful view. Makes me want to pack up and hit the trail this weekend.

omid on Berkeley Camp Ahead
woooooooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lighting! L O V E L Y !!!!!

roland theys on Berkeley Camp Ahead
Fantastic photo!

PATRICK on Berkeley Camp Ahead
grandiose compo 5****

beach on Berkeley Camp Ahead
Lovely perspective. The valley leads us through the picture

Shaahin Bahremand on Berkeley Camp Ahead
beauty shot

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