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10 September 2018

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12 March 2016

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19 October 2015

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10 August 2012

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23 April 2012

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20 April 2012

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Snow at The Peninsula!
31 December 2011

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Where's Mom?
21 October 2011

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Hungry Yet?
10 March 2011

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Desert Flower Arrangement
5 November 2009

Recent Comments

Elaine Hancock on What Privacy?
That is awful. Especially for young girls. This is such an interesting series and definitely shows the bleak conditions ...

Ralf Kesper on What Privacy?
Sorry, my first thougth was a military camp. Sad story with the Japanese and Germans in this camps. Otherwise much ...

Ralf Kesper on What Privacy?
Soldiers life was hard in that time.

B. Thomas on What Privacy?
I can't even imagine what that was like. And we complain about quarantine in the comfort of our own homes...

Denny Jump on What Privacy?
PS - So I just finished going back to the Grand Canyon Images of late, but I know that I owe you on many images prior ...

Denny Jump on Early Light at Lipan Point
I LOVE this ne, sir ;-) I Love your work, period!!!!

Denny Jump on Lipan Point Sunrise
This is wonderful, Indeed, Steve...So nice to see your work!

Denny Jump on What?
Your Caption Notes say it all....Thank you Steve...

Denny Jump on Sunrise at Manzanar
The Story and the quote tat you present, above, just enter my heart with strength! I am really taken by this Post and ...

Denny Jump on Barracks
Kinda reminds me of the Hooch we had in Tay Ninh!! Excellent shot, Steve...

Denny Jump on Stark Beauty
I remember reading and hearing stories of the old depression/Dust Bowl Das when folks traveled West to ...

Denny Jump on Who Are You Going to Call?
Well Said Sir!!!

Denny Jump on Manzanar High School Gymnasium
Oh, Yah..I remember walking this path

Denny Jump on Truck and Mess Hall
These images take me back to the real story - Thank you, sir!!

Denny Jump on Mess Hall Kitchen
Excellent Images, Steve....Man, this is bringing that story back!!!

Denny Jump on Mess Hall
I think Jyppa Pop's comment says it all.... I still feel the hollowness when I look at your images here... Well ...

Denny Jump on Women's Latrine
I see a comments that note the sense of Bleakness.....That is truly the starting word....but it got MUCH worse, ...

Denny Jump on What Privacy?
PSS Actually I say my friend "Took Part"....Hel, He was the Director ....and his name is Steve H.

Denny Jump on What Privacy?
Yes - I visited there some years back....Had a camera but could not bring myself to snap the shutter.... An old friend ...

AMIR BABA on What Privacy?

beach on What Privacy?
I have heard about 2 holer outhouses, but this is a bit much!

Ruthiebear on What Privacy?
Poignant and disturbing

suzanne on What Privacy?

Diana on What Privacy?

Diana on Women's Latrine
Nice background

Diana on Mess Hall
One can hope

Diana on Mess Hall Kitchen
Nice lighting

Stu on What Privacy?
Must've been miserable.

Rose on What Privacy?
It would sure be hard for me to deal with this now...

jean pierre on What Privacy?
belle serie documentaire!! amts

Don on What Privacy?
That kind of design would make the user wait for fewer peoplek, or go extra early, or go in the night.It would make a ...

Lougris on What Privacy?
Pour familles nombreuses !! :)

Devi on What Privacy?
You said it!! "...embarrassing, humiliating and degrading." !!!! The image disturbs a lot !!!!!

mo.langel on What Privacy?
Interesting report, but what a horror this lack of privacy!

Nicou on What Privacy?
Quel alignement sans couvercle quelle toilette rudimentaire et ce bois super belle journée

Mhelene on What Privacy?
Ah...Great documentary .

By Marie on What Privacy?
I do indeed have the answer to my question from yesterday. No privacy but nice framing

Existence Artistique on What Privacy?
oh génial

Jypyä Pop on What Privacy?
Those in power were not interested in the well-being of the campers.

Le Krop on What Privacy?
:-( ...

Ana Lúcia on What Privacy?
I agree with your title!

Shaun on What Privacy?
A very sad time Steve for those in the camp.

jpla on What Privacy?
Une cloison n'aurait fait de mal à personne. En France, dans certains endroits à la campagne, il y a ...

Pascale MD on What Privacy?
En toute intimité... mais au moins de véritables sanitaires avec de l'eau ! Bonne journée ...

omid on What Privacy?
such beautiful frame & perspective! A M A Z I N G !

fateme@@ on Women's Latrine
Beautiful shadow.

fateme@@ on What Privacy?
So amazing.

Gérard on What Privacy?
...The view and the smell !!!!!

B. Thomas on Women's Latrine
I'm guessing this was not a pleasant place at all in the camp.

Elaine Hancock on Women's Latrine
That definitely doesn't look very inviting. It is hard to imagine that these families lived here for 2 plus years. ...

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